Jelly-Boy, Billie and Ella three-pack


A copy of Jelly-Boy, Billie and Ella. Three picture books with heart.

A copy of Jelly-Boy, Billie and Ella.


Find out what happens when a jellyfish falls in love with a plastic bag she mistakes for a jelly-boy. Will their love endure or will she learn the dangerous truth? A quirky picture book, with a strong message, Jelly-Boy will inspire the next generation of readers to protect our oceans.

Published by Walker Books.

Written by Nicole Godwin and illustrated by Christopher Nielsen.


Join Billie the dolphin on this perilous adventure, as she sets off to find the biggest wave — the hugest of huge, the giant of giants — a wave that makes her feel happy, safe and free.

Billie travels the ocean, saving new friends from pollution, drift nets, whaling and much more.

This eye-opening story draws attention to the human-made dangers for dolphins and other marine wildlife. It highlights the urgent need to act now to protect and conserve our oceans.


Ella is a captivating hardcover picture book that tells the story of a baby elephant who was taken from her mum to work in the tourism industry.

This picture book provides a glimpse into the lives of elephants being used in tourism industry. A story that helps plant seeds of compassion for animals, it also highlights our planet’s desperate need for conservation.

Join baby Ella and her scraggly chicken friend on this heart-wrenching quest for freedom, happiness and love.


Titles: Jelly-Boy
Author: Nicole Godwin
Illustrator: Christopher Nielsen
ISBN: 9781760651237
Pages: 32 (plus end papers)
Audience: Children
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Available: February 2020
Publisher: Walker Books Australia
Country of Publication: Australia
Dimensions: 26.3cm x 28.6cm x 0.8cm

Titles: 1. Billie  2. Ella
Author: Nicole Godwin
Illustrator: Demelsa Haughton
ISBN: 1. 978-0-9945314-1-4   2. 9780994531407
Pages: 36 (plus end papers)
Audience: Children
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Available: 1. August 2018 2. August 2016
Publisher: Tusk Books
Country of Publication: Australia
Dimensions: 26cm (height) 25cm (width)
Weight (kg): 600 grams per book


Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 3 × 26 cm


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