Tusk Books Media - Nicole Godwin talks about why she wrote 'Ella'
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Everyone is interested in Ella!

If you have a media enquiry, please contact Nicole[at]tuskbooks.com.


Check out the articles below from Vegan Lifestyle Magazine, The Canberra Chronicle and The Canberra Times, featuring Ella’s author Nicole Godwin.

7 November 2016

Nicole Godwin at Goulburn Reader Writer Festival


May 2016

Planting seeds of compassion through picture book Ella

Nicole Godwin; Michelle Doherty Photo Media; tusk books; ella; canberra; author; lake burley griffin; vegan; vegan living

5 April 2016

Book aims to give elephants a voice

The Canberra Chronicle Nicole Godwin Tusk Books Ella

30 March 2016

Canberra writer Nicole Godwin creates Ella the elephant book to highlight animal abuse