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About Us

 Welcome To Our Website

We are an animal rights publisher. We create children’s picture books that give a voice to those who yelp, roar, swing, moo, oink, squeak and trumpet. We exist to help children learn about the lives of animals who don’t have a voice of their own.

Our books have captivating stories with beautiful illustrations that kids love to read again and again.

We are very excited to announce that our second picture book, Billie, is now available to pre-purchase.  You can learn more about Billie the dolphin below and here and more about our first picture book, Ella, here.

FAQs are included below.


 Billie is now available to pre-purchase

The pre-sales campaign for the picture book Billie is now live and will run until 30 April 2018! Visit www.igg.me/at/billiepicturebook for full details.

This eye-opening story draws attention to the human-made perils for dolphins and other marine wildlife. Written by Nicole Godwin and illustrated by Demelsa Haughton, Billie is the second stunning picture book created by Tusk Books. You can help us raise awareness and spread the word about the many issues faced by dolphins and other ocean wildlife. Billie sets off to find the biggest wave and soon encounters issues such as pollution, huge driftnets, dolphins in captivity and whaling. Will Billie find the biggest wave? And why does Billie have a fishing net stuck to her tail? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Make sure you check out the crowdfunding site for sample pages from the book.


Enormous thanks to the following crowdfunding supporters who are helping make Billie a reality:

Ann Marie Walker – Kym Wimbis – Tris Blackall – Robyn Harvey – Lisa Gaynor – Chiara Wheatley – Anita McCarthy – Matthew Stow – Angela, Graeme, Kim, Levi and Axel – Zoe Borbiro – Francine Horne – L N Gresavage – Julia Burns – Lucie Mammone – Coralie Meek – Olive & Floyd Robertson – Julia, Brigid & Liam Norgrove – Sharon Purvis – Susanne Abbott – Soar Family – Johanna Kohlhagen – Cate and Harry Rowan – Bijin Chihiro – Alexander and Nikolas Sellas – Sheryl Gwyther – Barbara Colvin – Aphrodite Hindson – Eden White – Nerida Rylewski – Sonya Cosgrove-Smith – Anne Brown – The Saleh Family Jenni Daly Tara McIntosh Natasha Taylah White Lyndsay Sarah Doyle Karmen Dutt Estelle Pike  Nerida Rylewski Gisela L – Mara Eversons – Emily Harrison – Mary Dunajska – Katrina Bucke – Rebecca Burfoot – Childs Family – Margaret Roc – Joanne Stead – Katrina – Margaret Ward – Lilly Godwin – Irene Tan – Jeanes Family – Lindy Tunstall – Casey Brown – Lisa Green – Hadley Phelps – Kimberley Brewser – Lucas Larmour – Nicolle Stoddart – Kate Heinrich – Bretta Merifield – Sustainababy – Shanna Sims – Keren Huck – Tai & Tom James – Alison Flemming – Reena Balding – Marg & Alec Bamber – Christopher Wang – Maura Stockton Wang – Kerry Dickie – All About Empathy Vegan Shop – Gina Arefi – Cris & Dave O’Brien – Peter Papathanasiou – Erica Louise – Sarah Hart – Grace Bryant – Dymocks Belconnen & Tuggeranong – Tiana Davey – Kaitlyn Vogel – Grace Sinclair – Brenda Jenkyns – The Bennett Family – Barbara Watson – The Vegan Weasel – Maryanne McKay – Indy and Bandi Del Rio – Sylvia Kelpie – Amber Whiteford  – Rebecca Hughes – Angelique Marie Ockert – Melinda Botteon – Emily Caruso – Spodga – Catherine Ferencsik – Amie Sabadin – Eve & Isla – Ann Khuu – Victoria Mackinlay – Christine Underwood – Elizabeth Spencer – Deards Family – Maureen and Rex Wiseman – Adriana Bellemans – Peyton Rowe – Peppa & Dusty Wiseman – Anne Walzak – Jo Lumb – Theo Douglas – Catherine Morgans – Pam Kyle – Jess Racklyeft – Sarah Kamppi – Bronwyn, Riley and Rei Boniface – Lyndelle Connor – Danielle Radnidge – Mia Clark – Wiseman Family (Tracy, Pete, Flynn, Amy and Kelsey) – Holly Bidwell – Stephanie Stelter – Katrina McKelvey – Kerry Judge – Jo Zahra – Ruby & Lola Feain – William Hopkins – Karen Brown – Margot Capuano – Heather Lee – Heidi Morrison – Lynne Higgs – Shaye Wardrop – Cate Whittle – Wendy Saini – Nina Herbert – Stephanie McCaughey – Terry Godwin – Emily Stanek – Julie Westthorp – Linda Southwell – Daniel Gould – Dm Pickett – Heidi Smith – Suzanne Houghton – Pauline Luchetti – Tracey Quade – Jean Walker


Meet Ella the baby elephant

Written by Nicole Godwin and illustrated by Demelsa Haughton, Ella tells the story of a baby elephant who was taken from her mum to work in the tourism industry. Visit the Ella page where you can find out more and even get a sneak peak at some of the pages. You may also want to check out media articles about Ella and teaching resources.

You can purchase Ella online here or check out where you can find us in person at markets and festivals here.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Thing You Need To Know

How can I buy a copy of your books?

You can purchase Ella directly from this website here. Billie is available for pre-purchasing here.

Visit the stockists page to find out where else you can buy Ella online or in book stores.

Are your books fiction or non-fiction?

Our children’s picture books are fiction. They are based on real life examples showing the lives of various animals, all with a central character that children can identify with. Tusk Books approach is to create a story children love because of its captivating storyline and illustrations.

Where is Tusk Books located?

We are based in Canberra, Australia.

Can I submit illustrations or stories for publication?

Tusk Books is not currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts.  If you are an author or illustrator living a compassionate life towards all animals, then check back in with us later.

Contact us

 If you have a question or just want to say ‘hi’, feel free to drop us a line in the contact box below. Please note that we are not accepting submissions at this time.


If you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive occasional updates about Billie, Ella and Tusk Books, please add your name and email below and type ‘Mailing List’ in the subject field.

Contact us

 If you have a question or just want to say ‘hi’, feel free to drop us a line in the contact box below. Please note that we are not accepting submissions at this time.

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